7 Beautiful Places in Europe to Spend your Christmas Holiday

Europe is the best continent on Earth to get in the Christmas spirit. Here are seven of the most festive destinations in Europe that you must add to your family’s list for Christmas.

Everyone loves to enjoy their Christmas holidays in the best possible way. Some people just stay in their own neighborhood and some people travel to other cities across the world to celebrate their Christmas holiday. There was a time when people used to celebrate Christmas at home with families and relatives. But with the passage of time people are increasingly becoming more and more prone to celebrate their Christmas holidays in abroad and Europe has become one of the most popular spot for those who want to celebrate Christmas abroad. European cities have always been a popular destination for tourists to spend Christmas holidays. Europe is a continent that is filled with multi-cultured traditions. Different countries in Europe have different cultures and each celebrate Christmas on their own way.

Best Christmas Destinations in Europe:

Christmas Destinations in Europe

Christmas Destinations in Europe

Leipzig, Germany

Considering that Germany is one of the most well known countries, especially when we talk about Christmas markets, it would be a pity not to be on your travel list. An option for spending Christmas in Germany could be Leipzig. Why Leipzig? Because beside the fact that it`s a city with an important cultural load, it has a stunning architecture and it is also great for kids. Nearly 250 stalls will offer you the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones and the tastiest traditional Christmas food will pick your nose (Pulsnitz gingerbread, reindeer sausage, fresh salmon, oven-fresh pretzels). Children will be fascinated by fairytale forest while you can indulge yourself with a mulled wine or a coffee in Europe’s oldest coffee house, Coffe Baum.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The best part about spending Christmas holiday in Amsterdam is that museums and other tourist attractions are open and ready to share Dutch culture and history with you. Here are some ideas on what you can do if you plan your Christmas in Amsterdam. The list includes witnessing the Amsterdam Light Festival, Classical music performances and ice skating throughout the city.

Paris, France

Paris is a very beautiful city which is always visited more or less by tourists throughout the year and the festive decorations during Christmas holidays attracts even more tourists. The Christmas holidays in Paris are celebrated with a mixture of old and new traditions. Mass gathering on the streets at midnight on the Christmas Eve is still a tradition in Paris like the old days. The shops and markets are all decorated with beautiful lights. The shops sell different types of products including hand made goods which you can buy as gifts for your relatives or friends. Some hotels and restaurants also offer special discounts during Christmas.

Salzburg, Austria

When we think about winter sports, Austria is considered to be one of the most suitable location. It turned out that winter sports are not the only attractions of this country. According to Visit Salzburg, people always minded their ancient customs and good old traditions. Especially in the countless mountain villages spread all over Salzburg, which are difficult to access, some of these quite old customs and traditions survived through the centuries until today. One of them is the originally heathenish customs of the Perchten“(demonic creature that supposedly brings the New Year).

Cologne, Germany

Some of Europe’s Christmas markets have been active since the Middle Ages, so it’s no surprise that Cologne, which has five, is a seasonal hit. Starting on the last Monday before Advent, millions come to shop for yuletide handicrafts filling each market’s Buden (quaint wooden huts). The star of the show is the Am Dom market, in front of a mighty twin-spired cathedral, the Kölner Dom. Feast on sticky gingerbread and warm yourself up with a mug of Glüwein (mulled wine).

Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris

Rome, Italy

Rome is the home of many historical sites and having a visit to those sites during Christmas is really a wonderful experience. Rome is considered as one of the best Christmas holiday spending destination in the world. Anyone spending Christmas night in Rome can hear the Pope of Vatican delivering his Christmas message. There are many famous markets in Rome from where you can buy Christmas gifts for your dearest and nearest ones. Among these, the markets in Piazza Navona are the most visited markets by tourists in Rome. Rome is actually the place where you can have everything you need while spending your Christmas holidays.

Stockholm, Sweden

Another city worth spending one’s Christmas holidays is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The city of Stockholm hosts several old historical Christmas markets. The shops and stalls in these markets sell handmade Christmas decorations as well as handmade toys which have been an age old tradition of Stockholm. Besides, there are also several stalls in these markets which specialize in selling food items that include gingerbread biscuits and mulled wines. The beautiful markets at Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm are the ones that play a major role in attracting tourists.

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