Most Beautiful Beaches of Italy for Next Summer Vacations

Visit the beautiful & appealing beaches of italy for early summer holidays that offer you natural attractions of beauty, beautiful scenery, fabulous food, romantic break or a lazy summer in a villa with private pool and great enjoyment of coolness in hot days.

Summer, The best time to start thinking about cooling off and enjoying holidays. And what better place to get it done than on a single of Italy’s gorgeous beaches? From fine, white sand to craggy, rocky shores, Italy’s 5,345 miles of coastline has endless hidden-rather than-so-hidden-gems where locals and visitors alike can escape the town summer heat and wade into the perfectly blue water. It may not be tropical, but Italy is surrounded by the temperate Mediterranean, making for beautiful beaches up and down its three coasts.Sharing 84% of their borders using the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas italy is certainly among the top summer destinations in the world. High season is late summer, when whole cities decamp towards the shore and beach chairs sell for any premium-if you’re lucky enough to locate one vacant. Early summer is a much better time to visit, when the water has warmed up before the crowds descend. Go to the beautiful & appealing beaches of italy for early summer holidays that offer you natural attractions of beauty, beautiful scenery, fabulous food, romantic break or a lazy summer inside a villa with private pool and great enjoyment of coolness in hot days. So Check out listed most beautiful beaches of italy for charming islands beach summer vacation with fiery sunsets lazy day moments

Italian Beaches for Summer Vacations

Amalfi Coast/Capri Beaches

This breathtaking mountainous coastline is situated just south of Naples. Once among Italy’s main fishing areas, the coast, still today, keeps that charming scenery of old fishermen villages. The main town of the region is, of course, Amalfi, but there are many options when selecting a lovely town to accommodate. It is most beautiful and best beach of italy for summer vacations.

Cinque Terre (Liguria)

Best Beaches of Italy for Next Summer Vacations

Amalfi Beach of Italy

Known as the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre is a string of five fishing towns strung together by footpaths and beaches. Take pleasure in the natural attractions of best beaches of riviera in summer vacations. While the five cliffside-clinging towns make up a Unesco world heritage site and the Cinque Terre National Park, just the northernmost Monterosso has a traditional sand beach, and it’s one of Italy’s best. With two silvers of flat, sandy beaches, Monterosso creates the perfect stop after a long hike with the five towns. Vernazza, a town south, also has a little beach nestled into a cove directly beneath the village, along with a pier that juts out into the water, which is a marine reserve. When the exquisite sights and scenic hikes of Cinque Terre aren’t enough for you, probably the cuisine, featuring fish from your daily local catch, will pique your interest.

Isola Bella Beach

It is among most beautiful and best beaches for summer vacations for honeymooners. At the foot from the elegant city of Taormina, Isola Bella Beach is one of Sicily’s most beautiful and popular. Archeology, shopping and sunbathing combine here.The small isle in-front and the protected bay using its emerald, still waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The village’s white, shining houses and majestic ancient Greek theater are beautiful you can’t leave without tasting the almond-paste cakes and candied orange peels at Chemi pastry shop. The Fusion Bar at La Plage Resort offers good evening beach cocktails, while restaurant Baia delle Sirene is the place to test traditional local dishes.

Tuscany Beach

Honeymooners and lover couples should visit this charming, romantic and best beach of Italy during summer vacations. While Tuscany is frequently associated with rolling hills, farms, and Chianti, it also features a fantastic coastline called the Maremma filled with beautiful beaches and quaint, oceanside towns. Most of Tuscany’s beaches are within 80 miles of Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena, so day trips are certainly doable. Quiet and clean, this stretch of Tuscan shore has 33 blue-flagged beaches, every one more beautiful and tranquil than the next. From Pietrasanta and Camaiore to Monte Argentario and Grosseto, you will discover flat, sandy beaches, ideal for relaxing and basking in the sunshine. And on the top of the picturesque beaches in Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, and Castiglione della Pescaia, you will also find great nightlife, with seaside restaurants, bars, and night clubs.

Gaeta (Lazio)

Best beaches of Italy for Summer Vacations

Beautiful Italian beaches

Not too far from Rome, the beaches of Lazio, including Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, and Sperlonga are quiet, the sand is white, and both beach as well as the water are clean. A really relaxing location, these beach towns are where Romans maintain summer homes and flee the town on summer weekends. Gaeta, nearly equidistant from Rome and Naples, however, is just one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Favored by locals being a summer vacation spot-especially because it never rains-the city sits atop a crag at the end of a peninsula around the Tyrrhenian Sea. With four blue-flagged beaches, Gaeta has plenty of space to spread out and relax in the sunshine.

Asinara Island

An uncontaminated isle just-off of the northern coast of Sardinia, Asinara Island is quiet and encompassed by nature and shimmering sea. When a penal colony, today it’s a protected park in which the only inhabitants are local albino wild donkeys, freely grazing the land, and over 650 other animal species. No clubs, no hotels, no restaurants. You receive here by motorboat from Stintino, a chic fishing village. Park Hotel Asinara has bedrooms with great views from the island. Among the best restaurants the following is L’Ancora Stintino, serving traditional Sardinian cuisine.

Taormina Beaches

Right next to Etna, the famous Italian volcano that is still active nowadays, you’ll find Taormina, one of Italy’s most popular summer destinations. If you’re planning a trip to this wonderful Sicilian city, review the hotels in Taormina a minimum of a couple of months prior to going, because they are usually loaded with tourists during the summer.

Sicily Beaches

Best Beaches of Italy for Next Summer Vacations

Amalfi beach of italy

Even though a lot of Sicily’s 620 miles of coastline has been industrialized, you may still find some beach gems mixed in-and they are some of Italy’s finest. Near Syracuse, you will find Fontane Bianche, a long, white beach where there are plenty of activities to keep you busy in and on the Caribbean-like water. Also nearby is the Vendicari Nature Reserve, full of hiking trails, wildlife, and miles of perfect beaches that don’t get much traffic. Further north, near Messina, you’ll find Tindari, with its peninsula of sand often compared to a tongue, and Capo d’Orlando, with great views from the Aeolian Islands, that also have great beaches, most notably a lava beach on Salina and Isola dei Conigli, reported to be one of Europe’s most breathtaking white sand beaches. On the opposite side of the island, near Palermo, the beaches to look at are San Vito Lo Capo, Lescari, and Mondello, as well as the undiscovered coves of Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve.

Chiaia di Luna Beach (Ponza Island)

It’s great for sea adventurers with precipices, inlets, the caves of Ponzio Pilato as well as the nearby isle of Zannone. At the harbor, visitors can rent a motorboat or go for a guided tour. The scenic town’s crazy nightlife is one thing to behold. The very best aperitifs can be had at the glamorous Bar Tripoli on the main square, where VIPs mingle with football players. For great seafood there’s the family-run hotel restaurant Bellavista, overhanging a white-pebble beach. If you want to get wild, open-air Covo Nord Est disco is essential stop.

Portofino Beach resort

This old fishing village is nowadays probably the most exclusive resorts in Italy. Situated in Liguria, on the famous Italian Riviera, this little town’s buildings are squeezed around the old harbour. Paraggi is definitely the closest village having a sandy shore, since Portofino has no actual beaches.

Tuscany Beaches of Italy for Summer Vacations

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