Some of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Here are the best italian beaches to get your summer holiday planning started, and whatever you do.

Italy has the most beautiful beaches in Europe. From north to south, the 8000-km coastline is unique and ever-changing, with beautiful golden sand beaches, white sand beaches and pebble beaches. The sea is incomparable, and crystal-clear, especially in the south. Whether untouched or really crowded, it doesn’t really matter: the time to hunt for the best beach comes regularly, every year, and we’re here to make the job easier for you.

Italy’s coast boasts an abundance of incredible coves and inlets, secluded bays and sprawling sandy beaches you can enjoy all year long, thanks to the other major boon reliable, Mediterranean weather. Here are the Italian beaches to get your summer holiday planning started, and whatever you do, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit. Italy has the most beautiful beaches in the world, extraordinary inlets and coves, secluded bays and long paths of fine sand to enjoy all year round. If you’re considering a summer holiday near the sea, Italy could be your best choice. Take a look at the best deals in Italy, find the best hotels and don’t forget to pack your best swimsuit.

most beautiful beaches in italy

most beautiful beaches in italy

List of the Best Beaches in Italy


Venice may be surrounding entirely by water, but there are few beaches in the city. The best beaches are found on Lido, an almost 7-mile long sandbar sitting in the Venice Lagoon and Adriatic Sea. Just 10 minutes by waterbus from St. Mark’s Square, this area has the well-earned nickname of the “Island of Gold” thanks to its unique beauty and sandy golden shores. The loveliest beaches are in front of Lido’s historic grand hotels. The Hotel des Bains, immortalized in Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice,” is lined with thatched beach huts while the Hotel Excelsior beachfront sports elegant white cabanas. The beaches are open from May through September and there’s an admission fee to access the beach and amenities.


Arcomagno is a natural arch accessible only by sea. From Praia a Mare several boats go around the island of Dino and reach to Arcomagno, both small boats both motorboats for 35 passengers (the latter only upon group request). You can climbe a ridge that drops down on the small beach. Swimming is certainly very suggestive.


Mondello is located near Palermo, capital city of Sicily. Here you can find a range of bars, restaurants and other small shops within a scenic coastal village. There are plenty of sports activities carried out during the summer time and since 1985 between the end of Spring and beginning of Summer it hosts the “World Festival on the Beach“, a music-sport international festival. Mondello is also known for its Art-Nouveau buildings typical of this area.


Vendicari is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, placed in a south-east of the district and set in a natural reserve with the same name. Get there by car driving from Siracusa along the highway and going out at Noto.

Forno, Elba

The main five beaches on Elba can get suffocatingly packed in high season – including the popular resort of Biodola. However, Forno, set in the bay of Biodola, is far less busy and the main beach is set in a lovely cove, surrounded by villas and dense vegetation.

mondello beaches

mondello beaches

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo is located along the Western coast of Sicily, across Trapani. Here, you can get to enjoy some nice moments in the sun and also get to see a cultural mix of people. Besides, this spot is also known for its national park – the Zingaro where one can catch a glimpse of the pristine beaches of this region. There are many houses lined along the coast where fishermen catch tuna. This is one of the best beaches in Italy where you can find scenic beauty along the coast and enjoy surfing activities.


Posada is one of the oldest settlements in Sardinia. It has a lot to offer to tourists, from the coastal delights to the local culture of the region along with some really scenic spots. There are plenty of nice beaches found in Posada along with lots of historical places, including castles belonging to the 14th century. You can have a relaxing time in this coastal town and at the same time see plenty of interesting historical places.


Otranto is a seaside town off the coast of southern Italy within the region of Puglia. Well known for its sparkling blue waters and the white buildings and awesome diving rocks make this a very popular site for tourists and media a like. During the high summer months, however, the beaches can get quite crowded due to its popularity.

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