Beautiful Culture & Fashion of Paris

Paris – The City of Light

Paris city flaunts its rich art and culture depicted by many historical monuments lying across it. Paris is the fashion capital of Europe and many big names in the field of fashion industry and artists of various calibers have their shops set up here. Paris is also known for its biggest and powerful subway system which carries tourists and citizens across the city.

Beauty of Paris

Beauty of Paris is evident in its unique combination of the spirit of fashion amalgamated with its rich cultural heritage. This is reflected in the lives of the people, restaurants, rest houses and in everything related to Paris which is often termed as the most romantic city of the Europe. Paris is a real center of art with its most visited art museum in the world, Le Louvre. Paris is the host of what has been called the most beautiful avenue of the world, Les Champs Elysées and the incomparable Eiffel Tower which dominate the city from its 300 meters (985 ft.) and has become the icon of the capital of France.

Beauty of Paris lies in the extreme cold weather in winters when the snowfall is common and the streets of Paris are covered with snow all throughout the season. Beauty of Paris can also be seen during the spring season when the whole city becomes colorful due to the flowers grown on the streets and parks of the city. The presence of river seine also adds to the overall beauty of Paris. It is always better if you visit Paris in summers.

Presence of around 150 art galleries is the reason that Paris is considered to be the heaven for the upcoming artists. The cafes and restaurants in Paris are also unique. You can find restaurants of all cuisines of the world in Paris. If you want to stay at a hotel, few of the better choices will be Best Western hotels, K and K hotel, Hotel Ritz, The Westin Paris and Au Grand Hotel Francais they all add to the beauty of Paris.

The eye-catching and magnificent Beauty of Paris offers you a lot. Lot of theatre and cinemas are there where you can enjoy and merry. Transportation is yet another feature which adds to the beauty of Paris. Paris is a well-connected city to the other parts or France as well as to the other metropolitans around the globe. If you want to travel to Paris, you can reach there by air. The international airport of Paris is one of the world’s busiest air ports. It is also possible to reach Paris by road or by train if you are coming from some nearby city.

Paris has a long list of monuments which makes it one of the world’s famous tourist destinations. France earns a lot through a well-developed tourism industry.

  • Eiffel tower is one such landmark.
  • Louvre pyramid offers its unique beauty to the visitors.

Being a city of art, style and trendy fashions, Paris houses a number of very important museums in the world.

  • Le musee du Louvre which houses the famous painting of Monalisa, by Leonardo da vinci
  • LeMusee D Orsay was a railway station before it was converted to the museum
  • Le musee des arts et métiers houses the life changing inventions like Lavoisier’s gasometers, the cinematograph device by the Lumière brothers, Watt’s steam engine or Volta’s first invention of the battery to name a few.
  • Le Musee Rodin celebrates the sculptor Rodin who sculpted the portraits that were ahead of their time. It receives around  7000,00 visitors per year.

Art & culture attracts visitors from across the world to visit the historical monuments of Paris

  • Louvre is the large fortress built by King Phillip August
  • The Arc De Triomphe is a commemoration of Napoleon’s victories commissioned by himself.
  • The Eiffel tower was built in commemoration of the centenary of the French Revolution for the World exhibition of 1889.
  • Le Sacré-Coeur is a very famous church located in a a very popular area of Paris, Montmartre, spot where artists painters are gathering on sidewalks and cafes since 1880
  • Notre dame is the 102 feet high building is a masterpiece of sculpture and prodigious design.
  • The Métro opened it doors on July,19 1900, its first line being from Porte de Vincennes to Porte Maillot. To this day this line is called line number 1. The Métro of Paris is over 100 years old, and part of Parisians lives

One of the many reasons of the popularity of the beauty of Paris and as a tourist destination is that it has such a rich cultural tradition and its conducive environment promotes art.

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