Camping in France – Experience of a lifetime

Have you ever dreamed about camping in France and cruising on the River Seine? Or may have thought about a vacation in the French Pyrenees? Or you might simply wish to live the French life for a short while. Have you considered camping in France? Whatever you reasons may be, France is an amazing destination even if you’re on a budget, more so when camping.

France is a perfect camping vacation destination offering a wide range of climates and landscapes. It has the hotter sunny regions of Mediterranean, cooler regions of Normandy and Brittany, the wooded valleys of the Dordogne, the volcanic uplands of the Massif Central, the lavender covered hills of Provence, and the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. However, you are not allowed to camp just about anywhere that catches your fancy, but only in authorized locations.

Camping in France - The Best Holiday Destination

Camping in France - The Best Holiday Destination

Going away on holiday to an unknown destination is something most look forward to. Therefore one needs to find a destination which will be enjoyed by the entire family. Holidaying with friends must be exciting, unique and memorable. Of the many options available, spending a week or two at a seaside resort or going away on a skiing holiday is something very few can refuse. Camping in France is another great idea for a holiday. Camping is something that many people will be keen on doing. For those who want an inexpensive holiday experience, this can be the perfect way of getting it. Before you go, camping in France, study the cost implications. Summers in France are very pleasant because of warm weather, and camping at that time can be a lot of fun.

A Camping holiday in France is something to be cherished all your life. The perfect setting, warmth and closeness to nature are very rewarding experience. The chance to sample the local culture and exploring the countryside is everyone’s idea of a dream vacation.

Choices galore for Camping – There is something for everyone as far as camping choices are concerned. Even the most fastidious camper will find something to set his or her heart racing with anticipation.

Here are the five of the most popular camping destinations in France to spend your holidays:

Les Tilleuls, Gedre – Rising 3000 feet up in the Pyrenees, behold the amazing valley below. Enjoy the view of the Campbielh, Coumely and the Cirque de Gavarnie with their stone houses nicely dotting the deep and green gorges. With its four terraces, you can choose your pitching spot and at the same time, select your viewing deck for the breathtaking view of the panoramic landscape below.

Les Criques de Porteils, Argeles-sur-Mer – France gets a fair share of the sun along its Mediterranean coast lying in the Les Criques de Porteils. It has the sun, the sea, the sand, and… a whole lot of sangria. The site still has its Franco-Spanish feel making your camping in France experience even more exotic. Pitch your tent overlooking the three pebble beaches and get the feel of the Med on your feet.

Domain Le Poteay, Castlenau d’Auzan– The French countryside will leave you speechless as you drive through the

countryside, right in the heart of Gers’ wine- and armagnac-producing country. You’ll be pitching your tent someplace in the vineyard’s sprawling estate, and thrice a week, a four-course meal is served to guests by the owners along, with a fair serving of their very own white wine.

Belrepayre Trailer Park, near Mirepoix – Can you imagine a trailer park in a French setting? You’ll be in for a treat with this trailer park featuring genuine American Airstreams. Experience a rendezvous with the past as the interiors are all fitted out retro style, eight-track music system, knitted cushions, and assorted bric-a-bracs obtained from various flea markets. What’s more, pitching your tent is welcome too.

Kota Cabana, Brulon – Fancy setting up “camp” up on a tree? The Kota Cabana has two giant sequoias and Lebanese cedar tree houses that smell of wonderful unadulterated pine resin. Perfect for a romantic getaway, relax, breathe in and take in the beauty of the beautifully kept grounds.

Food and Wine – French cuisine is one of the finest in the world. Unlike the all American food, which unfortunately is linked to obesity and other health issues, the French diet is delicious and nutritious.

More often than not, when camping in France especially if you choose farm camping or any of the numerous campsites scattered in the rural France, you’ll be treated to a whole new gastronomic experience. Even if you’re not camping in a vineyard, simply roaming the towns and villages dotting the French countryside on a gourmet trip is unlike anything you’ve had before.

Even if you cook your own food at the camp, don’t pass up the chance of sampling local French delicacies in the picture book villages. The sweet dessert wine made from Semillon and sauvignon grapes at the Chateau Monbazillac is one such opportunity to tickle the taste buds.

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