Dead Sea: Tourist Attractions in Israel and Jordan

Dead Sea is the cheapest natural spa treatment that any one can get on earth. Discover yourself the qualities of this beautiful natural wonder lake and learn what makes this lake a favorite destination among the tourists

Dead Sea budget travel is known for its mineral-enriched waters which offer an invigorating, restorative experience. The Dead Sea can also be the place to find many historical sights and cultures and it is in easy reach of numerous other attractions nearby.

Dead Sea: Tourist Attractions in Israel and Jordan

The Dead Sea, the cheapest point on the planet and also the largest “Natural Spa” within the world, can also be among the world’s true natural wonders along with a unique tourism destination. Beginning with the Dead Sea itself, a one-of-a-kind lake, 417 meters (1,373 ft.) below sea level with mineral-rich waters and dirt flow with natural beauty and health acclaimed globally.

Dead Sea: Arabic for al-Bahr al-Mayyit, Hebrew for Yam ha-Melah meaning “sea salt”

Israel and Jordan between your inland salt lake:

The waters from the lowest Dead Sea travel around the world, water below sea level normally about 400 meters (1312 feet). Northern 1 / 2 of Jordan; southern a part of divided up by Jordan and Israel. However, in 1967 the Israeli-Arab war, the Israeli army has occupied the whole West Bank.Lake and Lake from the Dead Sea are rich in salt, within the water, fish along with other aquatic organisms take time and effort to outlive, water not just biological bacteria; shore and also the area didn’t grow flowers, the folks known as the “Dead Sea” .

A minimum of the specific Dead Sea could be traced to the Greek era (323 ~ 30 BC). Since Abraham (the ancestors from the Hebrew) the days and also the Sodom and Gomorrah destruction (Based on “Old Testament” records, the 2 cities was because of heinous days ignited; two City website is south from the Dead Sea might have sunk) Because the Dead Sea continues to be related to a brief history from the Bible. The Dead Sea Tourist attractions lake dried out rivers for that first David (Israel’s), once i Herod the great (Jewish King) provides refuge sites, in 40 BC rest were besieged Jerusalem, Herod I, he locked himself in Meicha Of (Masada) within the castle. Mei Chada castle used to be a three-year siege from the location, the final in AD 73 of their Jewish Fen-Rui party Shoujun collective suicide, the castle was destroyed Rome. Left this “Dead Sea Scrolls,” manuscripts from the Bible, the Jews were within the lake within the northwest cave hideouts.

The Dead Sea, the cheapest point on the planet and also the largest “Natural Spa” within the world, But that is not every. People to the Dead Sea arrived at a world of Dead Sea attractions blue skies, year-round sunshine, magnificent natural landscape, and extraordinary touring options, for example thrilling encounters with background and search for the living desert.Water from the Dead Sea hasn’t just the highest salt content within the world but the highest mineral content, by having an extraordinarily high power of bromine, magnesium, potassium and iodine. The environment can also be extraordinarily dry (maximum humidity in summer 35%) and pollen-free

Add an array of beaches, hotels, spas, restaurants and leisure-time activities, and you’ve got a destination with extraordinary attractions and benefits. Under an hour’s drive from Jerusalem, the Dead Sea is another Sea of Peace, joining Israel and Jordan.

Acknowledged as a mini-universe using its own micro-climate, the Dead Sea travel may be the saltiest and many mineral-laden lake within the world. The unparalleled buoyancy and warmth from the Dead Sea tourism water has everyone floating. And it is health promoting thermo-mineral springs and world famous cosmetic black mud happen to be praised by visitors for millennia.

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  1. swimming in the dead sea

    After about travelling for 2.5 hours we’ve got to the dead sea where i was going to be swimming. All along the way in the coach you can see mountains of salt which appeared as if perminate snow, we were told when you had even a tiny cut you, you may not be able to go in the sea because it would be super painful! We’re used to around 4% of salt in the sea, there’s a whopping 40% so you find cuts you didnt even realise you’d!

    Once changed we trigger onto the beach/salt picked a sun bed to place our things onto it (there are no lockers) and went in. Right all i’m able to say is think of a hot bath you’d have…this is just enjoy it the water is the hottest i’ve even been in – this isn’t come from a tap! The salt really hurts the feet though as you enter it, it feels as though you are treading on glass.

    Whenever you feel brave enough to lean back and raise your feet up its the most amazing thing ever, it’s also very weird, and you need to do float out a little so you have to make sure you dont too much out, however escaping . is something else!

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