Disneyland Paris is Europe’s Top Tourist Attraction


Amusement parks are the best destination to entertain oneself and family-friends with a dose of adventure, fun and excitement couple together. They have automatic and giant rails and slides along with water parks which not only fascinate and attract the children but adults too find it difficult to resist the temptation of doing the roller coaster rides in these big instruments of entertainment.

Disneyland Paris


It is the world fame amusement park located in Paris. Whenever someone visits the fashion capital of Europe, The Paris, it is must to visit and enjoy Disneyland. This amusement park is only at 35minutes ride from Paris.

The amusement park started in 1992 in Marne-la-Vallee, and is the favorite attraction of Europe. It is built by the Disneyland Company which also built Disneyland USA. The entertainment giant boasts around 52 attractions on the 55-hectare site, a 7-hotel complex, a campsite, a ranch, a course and gardens.

We enlist the various entertainment joints inside the Disneyland amusement park where you and your family & friends can enjoy the ride and slide.

Adventure land

It’s one of the major theme lands of the park containing a vast selection of attractions.

Discovery Land

This is one of the main recreation regions of this park containing many thrilling rides because of its visitors. A number of the major attractions of the park are Videopolis Theatre, Disney Land Railroad, Honey I shrunk the audience and Star Tours.

They are some of the best options that come with this exotic amusement park of Paris. You will have a lot of fun here in this recreation resort.

Big Thunder Mountain

The mine train is able to leave! But hang on tight, since it won’t be an even journey. Big Thunder Mountain mine is cursed. The Thunder God continues to be woken from his slumbers and he takes his revenge having a ride that is full of surprises…Opening on 12 April 1992, the flagship attraction of Disneyland Resort Paris is inspired directly by the mines of the American Wild West, and provides them a real change!

Disneyland Resort Paris

Disneyland Resort Paris is a theme park straight from Walt Disney’s imagination. The park is on the human scale, however, and is nearly the size of an entire town, split into different “neightbourhoods”, for example the hotels and the rides: stroll between the Disney world Studios Park, Disneyland Park and the Disney Village.

Kids are going to be thrilled to determine all their favorite Disney characters: Donald duck, Peter Pan, and also the latest characters from recent films. Big kids will love the adrenaline rush because they ride the Space Mountain Mission or Indiana Jones’s train. Visitors can also enjoy the park with the whole family and remain on site, watch special performances during dinner and spend all day long having fun on the rides.

Panoramic balloon

Your kids are obviously eager for a thrill; a voyage in a balloon must fascinate them also as it fascinated you when reading Jules Verne stories for example Around the world in 80 days. Therefore, it’s in the honor of the great writer this balloon was inaugurated in 2005 to commemorate A century from his passing.

The balloon leaves from the middle of the Lac Disney, it raises to some height of 100 metres and provides an incredible panorama over the entire Disney Village.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Not only an iconic a part of the Disneyland theme park, Sleeping Beauty’s castle is definitely an attraction in its very own right where young and old alike can relive the story of the famous Disney world cartoon. The first floor of the castle hosts a gallery where books which illuminate when you begin using them, tapestries and stained glass windows tell the story of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip’s adventures. Watch out for the dragon in its den: it might wake up at any time!

Space Mountain

Since opening in 1995, Space Mountain is becoming one of the iconic attractions at Disneyland Resort Paris. This excellent craft offers thrill seekers a visit into space of the different kind. From loop-the-loops to vertiginous drops, experience 2 minutes 20 seconds of adrenalin, propelled in excess of 90 km/h along a 1-kilometre track. Sensitive souls stay away!

Walt Disney Studios Park – Disneyland Resort Paris

Just across the street from Disneyland Park, enter the world of Disney cinema and television at the seperate Disney world Studios amusement park which opened in 2002. This park will delight young and old using its numerous attractions, adhering particularly to the theme of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Jump into the 4th dimension with the Tower of Terror, swim in the offshore world with Nemo on the Crush’s Coaster, strum with Aerosmith on the Rock ‘n’ Ride, a Russian mountain…

In 2010 the Disney world Studios Park created a celebration to tie in with the Year of the New Generation: Mickey and Donald will make room for Buzz Lightyear, Monsters Inc, Ratatouille and Stitch. Disneyland Paris has opened new attractions too, for example Toy Story Playland, Zigzag Tower and RC Racer, maximum

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