Eastern Europe – Top Honeymoon Destinations For You

Eastern Europe has been different from the western a part of Europe. This difference is reflected with the diverse cultures, religions and societies of these two regions of Europe. While today, there isn’t any political division between eastern and western Europe, in terms of the societies the two regions are very distinct.
Eastern Europe has probably the most beautiful places within the world. It is perfect like a honeymoon destination using its wide diversity in geography and culture. While the northern a part of Eastern Europe includes a temperate climate, the southern region includes a warm Mediterranean climate.

Eastern Europe is known for its romantic places like the historic cities of Prague, Budapest and so forth. These places are rich in history and culture and provide amazing sights to determine and things you can do.

The landscapes from the countries of Eastern Europe are diverse with a few countries having mesmerizing coastlines and beaches while some are mountainous. For example Greece, Croatia, Crete and Cyprus are very well known for their beautiful coastlines, other countries towards the north are equally beautiful for his or her mountains and hillsides. In the historically rich areas like Prague to political cradle of Europe, Greece, Eastern Europe has much to become experienced.

Eastern Europe is hence probably the most ideal spots for any newly married honeymoon couple. From galleries and museums to shopping and adventure sports, Eastern Europe has everything. This article will elaborate about the several different honeymoon destinations in Eastern Europe.

Honeymoon destinations in Eastern Europe


Hungary is an extremely pretty and pleasant country to go to in Eastern Europe.It’s extensive bike routes and it is perfect for couples who wish to explore the nation on their own. The town of Budapest is famed because of its architectural magnificence. It’s a very adventurous country to go to. Hungary has among the richest folk traditions in Eastern Europe with embroidery, pottery, mural paintings and wood and bone carvings. Hungary has three types of climates using the southern part experiencing a Mediterranean climate, the eastern part having continental climate and also the west having Atlantic Climate. The optimum time to visit Hungary is within spring. Hungary supplies a host of activities for example bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing and caving in addition to wind surfing on Lake Balaton.


While there are lots of beaches, Greece is another mountainous region that is perfect for trekking. For additional adventurous couples, these mountain ranges are perfect for trekking and adventure sports. Greece is known to provide the cheapest skiing options in Eastern Europe.The climate of Greece is really a Mediterranean one with wet winters and hot and dry summers. The optimum time of the year to go to Greece is within spring as well as in autumn.


The united states is one of the most breathtaking places to go to in Eastern Europe.It features a long coastline with more than a thousand islands within the lovely Adriatic Sea. Croatia is known for its natural splendor and the beach resorts and fishing villages supply the ideal places in which to stay the country. It features a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and funky winters. Croatia is a perfect place for a honeymoon for couples who would like a quiet and peaceful time for you to spend together.


The town of Krakow in Poland may be the cultural capital of the nation. It is a World Heritage Site along with a beautiful spot to choose as honeymoon destination in Eastern Europe. The Amber coast about the Baltic Sea is known for the Amber stone employed for making jewels. Using its white sands and calm seas, it’s perfect for a personal honeymoon spot. The recently restores resort capital of scotland – Sopot has Europe’s longest pier which increases the roman of the country. Using its beautiful forests and Lakes and Museums, Poland is both historically and naturally beautiful.

Czech Republic

Another fascinating honeymoon destination in Eastern Europe may be the Czech Republic. It has a rich cultural background and the architecture within this country is gorgeous. It’s an active and bustling city. Honeymoon couples in Czech Republic will go hiking about the beautiful sandstone mountains, or boating about the lake Sazava. The nation also has a choice of cheap downhill skiing. The nation has a damp continental climate with hot summers and snowy winters. The Czech Republic is really a rich cultural, religious, and political site in Eastern Europe while offering an exciting stay to honeymooners.


This can be a small country but is renowned for its scenic beauty. Slovenia offers hiking, thermal baths, an excursion of the Lake Bled, a tropical castle and vineyards. It may offer honeymooners the essence of Europe with museums, trekking along its 100 castles, and also the many renowned vineyards. Slovenia is among the greenest countries in Eastern Europe and it is among the most bio diverse countries within the world.

The countries of Eastern Europe provide old world charm. They’re quaint places having a romantic European essence that’s very endearing. These countries will also be quite different and so a honeymoon in Eastern Europe is going to be quite varied. The countries of Eastern Europe offer an intense knowledge about their deep connections towards the history, civilization, culture and religion. The folks of Eastern Europe are warm and friendly which goes further for making a visit to these countries an unforgettable one. Like a honeymoon destination Eastern Europe is certainly one of the best.

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