Eiffel Tower – A Beautiful Monument in Paris

The historic and incomparable monuments Eiffel tower is designed beautifully with iron & metal structure, attracting people across the world.

Monument is any structure that is created to mark an important event, to commemorate a person, something that has become important to a social group as remembrance of their cultural and historical heritage or some important historic heritage. There are hundreds and thousands of beautiful, historic and incomparable monuments around the paris like the Eiffel tower. The ascent of the Eiffel Tower is a must to enjoy the magnificent view of Paris. The Eiffel Tower, one the most exquisite creations of human brilliance, is located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. Erected in 1889, the Eiffel Tower has become the symbol that represents not just Paris, but France itself in the eyes of the outside world. Standing tall at a height of 324 metres, the Eiffel Tower (constructed according to the plans of Gustave Eiffel) was originally intended to be a temporary piece only in an exhibition for the ‘exposition universelle’ of 1889 in Paris. However, thanks to its diverse additional functions (such as acting as a TV and Radio mast), it was decided that the monument should be allowed to stay. Today, the Eiffel Tower is still regularly used for events on a global scale, such as the structure’s famous lighting display.

It is truly a treat for the eyes to watch it when it is lit up at the night. For 5 minutes nightly, all the flashing lights on the tower are turned on, and it is a spectacular sight! It is wonderful, extremely wonderful. However, if you would like to examine the breath taking views that you simply would see if you queued for hours and went up the tower, take a visit up the Montparnasse Tower, an enormous edifice that appears like an office building, wherever on the highest floor there’s a public viewing space with a beautiful cafe! Same views that you’d get on top of the tower however hardly any queues!Both are worth a visit, however ultimately , try to see the tower in the dark (especially once it’s flashing!). It offers you goosebumps as a result of it’s a tremendous site.

Beautiful & Famous monument and tourist attraction

The Eiffel Tower is the most well known monuments in the world visited by more than 5 million people each year. A tour visit to the Effel Tower will undoubtedly bless us with reminiscences to treasure for infinity. It is indeed a marvelous creation of human aesthetics and intelligence. Ages may pass but this marvelous icon beauty and splendor will continue to enchant and enamour human artistic sense.

Beautiful structure of the Eiffel Tower

The tower was built by 300 workers. The materials used are iron and nails. The foundation of the tower made of reinforced concrete and heavy steel structure of the tower is 7300 tons, the overall weight of the tower structure when including non-ferrous component weight is 10,000 tons.Tower height from ground to flagpole is 312.27 meters. Height from ground to the antenna tower is 324 meters.Eiffel Tower consists of 3 (three) levels, has a 1652 stairs (up dipuncak) and 2 lifts to get to level two.The tower is equipped with lighting, which consists of 352 watts and 1000-powered projector flashes every half hour at night, the tower is also equipped with 20,000 bulbs and 800 disco ball. Listed also 4 pieces of laser xenon lamp 6000 watts of power which rotates permanently at the top of the tower, the purpose of the installation of the laser light atmosphere so that the tower looks alive.

Step to Visit

The Eiffel Tower will definitely bless you with experiences and memories to cherish for eternity. The tower has three levels. Visitors can ascend the first and second levels either by stairs or lift. There are 300 steps in each of the first two levels. The first and second levels feature restaurants. The third level, the highest level, is accessible only by elevator. An enamoring and exciting view of the Paris Panorama can be found from the third level. There are many famous luxury and cheap hotels near Eiffel Tower in Paris France.

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