Italy’s Most Beautiful Beaches for Your Summer Vacation

With summer right around the corner, it’s time for you to start thinking about cooling off. And selection place to do it than on certainly one of Italy’s gorgeous beaches?

Italy is among the best beach destinations, because of so many beaches it may be hard to select one. After all, every one of them are beautiful having a lovely coastline and natural scenic beauty. Most beaches in Italy offer calm and serene surroundings, which may be a welcome break for individuals living in crowded urban areas. More to the point, most of these beaches are extremely clean, offering safe bathing spots. Many tourists arrived at visit these beaches each year and enjoy the wonderful landscape from the region.Italy may not be renowned because of its coastline , but there is a good amount of wonderful beaches available for that ones that wish to locate them. Some hostels in Italy have been in closer proximity in order to beaches than many might expect.

Italy's Most Beautiful Beaches for Your Summer Vacation

Beaches in Italy

This is a list of some of the best beaches found across Italy:


While Tuscany is frequently associated with rolling hills, farms, and Chianti, additionally, it has a fantastic coastline known as the Maremma filled with beautiful beaches and quaint, oceanside towns. All of Tuscany’s beaches are within 80 miles of Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena, so excursions are definitely doable. Quiet and clean, this stretch of Tuscan shore has 33 blue-flagged beaches, each one of these more beautiful and tranquil compared to next. From Pietrasanta and Camaiore to Monte Argentario and Grosseto, you’ll find flat, sandy beaches, ideal for relaxing and basking in the sun. And over the picturesque beaches in Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, and Castiglione della Pescaia, you’ll also find great nightlife, with seaside restaurants, bars, and dance clubs.

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo is located along the Western coast of Sicily across Trapani. Here, you will get to enjoy some nice moments under the sun and also get to see a cultural mixture of people. Besides, this spot can also be known for its national park – the Zingaro to catch a glimpse of the pristine beaches of the region. There are many houses lined across the beach coast where fishermen catch tuna. This really is one of the best beaches in Italy and you’ll discover scenic beauty along the coast and revel in surfing activities.


Posada is located in Nuoro, an old town and the main center within the historical district. The 14th century castles are sufficient to bring any tourist for their knees. The culture within this coastal city is breathtaking and overwhelmingly beautiful. There are many sights to see in Posada, and particularly the beaches where you can relax having seen all that Posada has to offer.

Caorle Beach, Venice

Located near Venice, this beach is nestled around the fringes of a colourful fishing village. It’s long stretches of sand along with a promenade by the beachfront. Visit a few of the historic churches in the village or spend your day lounging on the beach.


Beaches Summer Vacation

Beaches Summer Vacation

Mondello is found in Southern Italy near Palermo, capital of Sicily. Here you can find a selection of bars, restaurants and other small shops having a scenic coastal village. There are many sports activities carried out here during the warm months and hence lot of visitors come here to get familiar with such events. Besides, this beach can also be known for some its fine restaurants.


Taormina is yet another beach in Sicily, well not only another beach but THE beach. An italian man , North Beach Taormina is referred to as the jewel of Sicily and Italy and consequently. With the picturesque beaches and various activities happening all the time it truly has something to offer everyone. From beaches to windsurfing with a few wine tasting on the way, this coastal jewel is really a right choice for any person.

These are merely some of the best beaches in Italy. If money or time isn’t a constraint, we recommend that you explore a lot more of them, and you’ll surely ‘t be disappointed. If you’ve been postponing your trip for some reason or the other, learn a thing or two in the Italians, themselves, who unfailingly take a beach holiday every summer.Italian beaches provide the best way to relax and unwind from the stressful life and relish the nature’s beauty.


  1. I haven’t covered much on Countries in europe yet, so thanks for inspiring me to organize my next travels beyond asia! Also, Macau’s not every gambling! Wait, maybe it’s.. hah!

  2. i want to say about Sestri Levante, a destination for many lovers this is the enchanting Bay of Silence. A super romantic place surrounded by colorful houses constantly kissed by the sun…go for summer vacation here.

  3. i want to share about two beaches, Ist is otranto beach…Beaches in Otranto are pleasant, but small, plus they can get pretty crowded throughout the peak of the summer season. Luckily, the coastline outside round the town offers some of the most incredible views within the peninsula, as well as various other beaches, easily reachable by car. and IInd is Sicily..Italy’s most well-known island, Sicily is ringed by beaches, in the wild Vendicari Nature Reserve to sandy stretches near Giardini Naxos. However for its size and scene, the Mondello Lido near Palermo is possibly the top choice here. Just five miles from Palermo, the island’s capital, this is an easy weekend escape from the town and visitors make for the wide, white-sand beach in droves.

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