List of the Best Beaches in Italy for Summer Holiday

Italy has the most beautiful beaches in the world, extraordinary inlets and coves, secluded bays and long paths of fine sand to enjoy all year round.

Italy’s coast boasts an abundance of incredible coves and inlets, secluded bays and sprawling sandy beaches you can enjoy all year long, thanks to the other major boon reliable, Mediterranean weather. Here are ten Italian beaches to get your summer holiday planning started, and whatever you do, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit.Italy has the most beautiful beaches in the world, extraordinary inlets and coves, secluded bays and long paths of fine sand to enjoy all year round. If you’re considering a summer holiday near the sea, Italy could be your best choice. Take a look at the best deals in Italy, find the best hotels and don’t forget to pack your best swimsuit.

Italy has a unique coastline with nooks and crannies that create quiet swimming coves and picturesque seascapes. Italy’s beaches are most crowded during July and August when Italians join throngs of foreign tourists to escape the heat. Whether you’re searching for an upscale resort or a secluded seaside village, there’s a lounge chair on the sea just waiting for you.

Best Beaches in Italy for Summer Holiday

Best Beaches in Italy for Summer Holiday

Italy’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Tuscany Beach

Tuscany is known for its rolling hills, great wine and classic Italian culture. But Tuscany also has a beach scene with sandy white shores and quaint seaside villages. In western Tuscany, Maremma has a booming cowboy culture as well as almost 100 miles of coastline overlooking crystal clear water. Castiglione della Pescaia is an affordable beach town with plenty of water sports including sailing and windsurfing. The best scuba diving can be found further south in Monte Argentario’s coves and bays.

Isola del Giglio

This is one of the most well-known beaches for its exotic underwater life and can be the best selection for people who are ardent nature lovers. Isola del Giglio is one among the fine beaches situated on the Tuscany coast, which is known for its clean and beautiful beaches, villages with a backdrop of the Apuan Alps. You can also find some lovely blue coves in this place and have some fun with relaxation.

Capreria Beach

About 1700 hectares of protected reserve land overlook a beautiful stretch of Sicilian coast between the towns of Castellammare and Scopello it’s paradise! The Zingaro Reserve was the first protected area of the region and is one of the jewels of Italy. The green fields, the rocky slopes and terraces that lead to the blue sea and the fabulous beaches will make you want to stay there’s plenty to keep the whole crew entertained and mesmerised for hours. Don’t miss the Tonnara di Scopello, the natural history museum and the spectacular coves dotted across the bay.

Mondello Beach

Mondello Beach

Sicily Beach

The beaches around Sicily range from sandy white shores to exotic black sands, making for unique beach getaways around the island. If you’re visiting the capital city of Palermo, the beaches at Mondello Lido are just a few miles away. This stretch of beach is lined with hotels as well as restaurants and bars making for a vibrant nightlife. On Sicily’s east coast, visitors to Taormina can easily get to the best beaches at Lido Mazzaro. The journey to the beach is part of the fun as beachgoers climb aboard a funicular, or cable car, for a quick ride down to the beach.

Mondello Beach

Mondello is located near Palermo, capital city of Sicily. Here you can find a range of bars, restaurants and other small shops within a scenic coastal village. There are plenty of sports activities carried out during the summer time and since 1985 between the end of Spring and beginning of Summer it hosts the “World Festival on the Beach”, a music-sport international festival. Mondello is also known for its Art-Nouveau buildings typical of this area.

Posada Beach

Posada is located in Nuoro, an old town and the main center within the historical district. The 14th century castles are sufficient to bring any tourist for their knees. The culture within this coastal city is breathtaking and overwhelmingly beautiful. There are many sights to see in Posada, and particularly the beaches where you can relax having seen all that Posada has to offer.

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