Love Lock Bridge – Favourite place for lovers in paris

Pont des Arts or The Love Lock in paris, is most visited tourist attractions and perfect romantic destination for couples to meet their loving ones.

Thousands of tourists jet to the French capital every year for romantic getaways and the city’s boulevards have provided the backdrop to countless holiday smooches. Paris has the several kinds of tourist attractions and centers. Pont des Arts or The ‘Love Lock Bridge’ is the one of them in paris as great tourist attractions and perfect place of meeting for lovers. Lots of lovers come from the world and make love here.

Love Lock Bridge - paris tourist attraction

Couple romance at Bridge

No one is quite sure where the tradition of the love lock originated but love lock bridges have sprung up in cities around the world. Lovers write their names or initials on a lock, attach it to a bridge, and throw the key into the water below when they are done. The superstitious believe that the only way to break apart the love that was sealed with a love lock is to open it with the key that locked it.
The regal Pont des Arts may be one of the most romantic bridges in Paris, at least to judge by the thousands of couples from around the world who have clamped padlocks to the railings as tokens of their desire to be “locked in love forever.”

A couple gathered on the bridge, toying with something no bigger than the palm of their hand. Bending down the guy fiddles with the object, fixing it to the bridge. Standing up the couples embrace, kiss and then throw something into the waters of the Seine River below. Holding hands they walked away which gives me a chance to see what they were doing.

Two bridges in Paris, the Pont de l’Archevêché and the Pont des Arts, are probably the most well known love lock bridges. The Ponte Milvio bridge in Rome is also a popular love lock bridge. Some people believe the trend started here, inspired by the 2006 novel, I Want You , by Federico Moccia. The locks have been removed by the government several times, but keep reappearing.

Even more interesting is the idea that they represent a negative type of love. some people dislike them because they see the locks as symbolizing a possessive type of love rather than a selfless one.

Love locks’ collapse part of Paris bridge

The dreamy Pont des Arts footbridge in central Paris was so weighed down by the thousands of locks affixed to its grillwork that a section of the fencing collapsed Sunday.No one was hurt, but it did spur a tweet from Bruno Julliard, the city’s head of cultural affairs, who said it “confirms that our desire to find an alternative to these locks is a real necessity.” He’s not alone in that feeling.

Love locks have created spontaneous “lovescapes” in cities and towns around the world. The idea is that you and your love attach a lock, often with names or initials written on it, onto a bridge. You throw the keys into the river or canal as a sign that your love is eternal, never to be undone.While couples may find it romantic to snap a selfie with their personal shrine, many cities aren’t feeling the love.Besides the Pont des Arts, several Paris bridges are getting bombarded with padlocks, often marring classic views of the Seine River or the Île de la Cité, Reuters reports.Paris officials worry about the unsafe weight and the aesthetics of all those padlocks, but they also know these are places tourists love to go.

This is an important first step in the fight against the padlocks now endangering two of the most important bridges in Paris, and spreading to 11 others along the Seine. It’s an effort to educate people and change their point of view.In Paris, some critics of the campaign call it “soft” and “ineffective.” And indeed, three months into the heavy tourist season here—the Pont des Arts now with over 15 collapsing panels—one wonders how this selfie initiative will even make a dent in the problem.

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