Major Tourist Spots in Berlin

If you don't have time to see all things in Berlin, then the attractions here are the ones you really shouldn't miss

Berlin is much more than 750 years old and also over the decades, all generations have remaining their monuments and landmarks around. The densest array of sights in Berlin lies east from the Brandenburg Gate, on either side of Unter den Linden. Within the city west visitors must take a look at the broken shard of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche, which works as a brutal reminder of The second world war. Close by starts the famous boulevard Kurfürstendamm.

Tourist Spots in Berlin

Tourist Spots in Berlin

Most Popular Attractions in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate may be the last remaining gate that during medieval times, would have been used to enter the city. It’s one of Berlin’s most important landmarks, along with a symbol of the city.
It was commissioned by Friedrich Wilhelm II denoting peace and building going on the structure in 1788. It is therefore ironic that in the Cold War and also the time where Berlin was split between east and west, the Brandenberg Gate sat in no mans land backward and forward states.


Layer upon layer of Berlin’s urban history is found in Alexanderplatz, interweaving centuries of social, political, and architectural background and repeatedly the subject of public debate and concrete design competitions.

The historic Reichstag building was reconstructed following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The initial dome however was replaced by a contemporary glass one. Since 1999 your building serves again as Germany’s seat of Parliament.

Berliner Dom

The Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral), carried out 1905, is Berlin’s largest and most important Protestant church along with the sepulchre of the Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty. This outstanding high-renaissance baroque monument has linked the Hohenzollerns to German Protestantism for hundreds of years and undergone renewed phases of architectural renovation because the Middle Ages. First built in 1465 like a parish church on the Spree River it had been only finally completed in 1905 underneath the last German Kaiser -Wilhelm II. Damaged throughout the Second World War it remained closed throughout the GDR years and reopened after restoration in 1993.

Holocaust Memorial

Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, situated in Mitte on a stretch of the former “death strip”, in which the Wall once stood close to the Brandenburg Gate, is Berlin’s stunning monument towards the Holocaust, dedicated to the Jewish victims from the Nazi genocide of World War II.

Pergamon Museum

Built between 1903 and 1930, this really is one of the oldest museums around the globe. This museum has a assortment of extremely interesting artifacts which are popularly known for their gigantic ancient structure.

Schloss Charlottenburg palace

An attractive luxurious palace, Schloss Charlottenburg evoke the splendor from the Prussian kingdom in ancient times. Visiting this museum is much more fitting if you are on vacation in Berlin if this was summer. Why? Because of the summer palace, you can double your trip excitement by holding sunbathing sessions or perhaps a picnic in the lush palace gardens.

Shopping in Scheunenviertel

For anyone that love shopping, you shouldn’t miss Scheunenviertel. Quiet atmosphere of the boutique row and presenting a number of stylish products are present in this area.


If you want to get the essence from the German capital a visit to the Gendermenmarkt is essential for you. This lively square hosts a theatre, a German Cathedral in addition to French cathedral. This is probably the most beautiful places of Berlin.

Underneath the Lime-Trees Avenue

Stretching over 1400 meters this avenue is really a well known tourist destination from the Mitte district of Berlin. Walking with the site in itself offers a nice experience. The lively square and also the scenic surrounding will take away all of your worries and stress.

Because of so many attractions, it is no wonder why Berlin is becoming such a famous tourist destination in Germany. A Berlin trip won’t be much expensive. You can get cheap flights towards the German capital. It also offers many cheap hotels. If planning for a trip yourself seems to be difficult, just grab any vacation travel deals to Berlin.

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