Notre Dame Cathedral – Most Visited Tourist Attraction of Paris

Go free entry paris pass Notre dame, is the most popular monument and top tourist attraction of paris even beating Eiffel Tower with more than 13 million international tourists.

Paris provides the largest concentration of tourist attractions in France, and perhaps in Europe. The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris is among the iconic types of architecture in France. Among the first Gothic cathedrals ever built, it lies around the east side from the Île de la Cité, an island within the River Seine within the heart of Paris. The Towers from the cathedral really are a listed National Monument. Notre Dame Cathedral was by far the most visited landmark in Paris from some last years, with 13.6 million visitors, but thirteen different sites within the French capital attracted spanning a million tourists each.

Construction History

Notre-Dame de Reims is just one of Europe’s most significant Gothic structures. A World Heritage site, the 13th century cathedral has characteristics all of its own, particularly its lighting, statuary and unity of fashion. The building blocks-stone from the Cathedral of Notre- Dame de Paris was laid in 1163. Louis IX (St Louis) and Bishop Maurice de Sully, its founders, wished to develop the Ile de la Cité a church that ought to resemble in fashion and sweetness the very first Gothic church that the Abbot of Saint-Denis had started to build in 1135. The property of Notre-Dame extended over 150 years, where all of the various phases of Gothic architecture – partly taken over from your great cathedrals of Chartres, Reims and Amiens – were reflected in the structure.The choir was built between 1163 and 1182, the nave between 1180 and 1200, in both Early Gothic style. The transition to High Gothic can be viewed within the west front (1200-20) as well as the nave as altered between 1230 and 1250, pure High Gothic within the transepts (1250-60) as well as the choir as altered between 1265 and 1320.

Notre Dame Cathedral - Most Visited Tourist Attraction of Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral

Most visited tourist attraction beating Eiffel Tower

Notre dame, is easily the most popular monument and top tourist attraction of paris even beating Eiffel Tower with over 13 million international tourists. French Philosopher, Theologian, and Political writer Jean de Jandun defined Notre Dame as “That most terrible church of the very most glorious Virgin Mary, mother of God, deservedly shines out, such as the sun among stars.”According towards the Paris tourism report, Louvre, among the world’s largest museums, received around 9 million visitors accompanied by Effel Tower, a puddled iron lattice tower got not a lot more than seven million travelers.Within an official statement the workplace said: “Visiting museums and monuments constitutes the primary motivation for visiting Paris. With 72.6 million visitors, the numbers visiting the 64 Parisian cultural sites surveyed increased by a lot more than 2.5 percent” year-on-year, look at the statement.

Nearest Tourist Attractions of Notre Dame Cathedral

There are numerous beautiful sightseeing attractions near notre dame in paris. To appreciate the characteristics of Notre Dame Cathedral, approach from your park behind the cathedral, Square Jean XXIII, to have an impressive look at the dwelling, and a peek at the flying buttress which makes the immense roof possible. From your front, arches sweep over the three entryways, featuring stone carvings of royal persona. The Portal from the Virgin is around the left, the Portal of Last Judgment is within the center, as well as the Portal of St. Anne is around the right. Inside Notre Dame Paris a 7800-pipe organ along with a magnificent rose window from your 13th century, in addition to carvings, statues, and saints. The spacious interior holds 6,000 worshippers. Climb the towers and find out stone gargoyles, in addition to a spectacular look at Paris. The south tower supports the great bell of Notre Dame, as tolled by Victor Hugo’s fictional hunchback. Nearby, Point Zero is definitely the bronze star within the plaza from where all French metropolitan distances are measured, as well as for more history, go to the Musee de Notre Dame for paintings, engravings, and documents around the cathedral.

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