Top 8 Best Things To Do In Switzerland 2015

Discover the best things to do in Switzerland with our insider tips on city-break highlights – from boat trips and places to party area and beaches etc.

Everyone desires to visit the dreamy place known as Switzerland one day. It’s in the list of every wanderlust traveler. Switzerland, often referred to as Heaven on Earth is one of the Most beautiful countries in the world with more than 6 million international tourists visiting the country every year. The images of snow-capped mountains of mythical Swiss Alps are mesmerizing. Expeditions in the Alps continue to engage travelers to seek out most amazing journeys. Any nature lover will regret if he misses out this destination of lakes, plateaus, mountains, rivers and the peaceful aesthetic beauty of this magnificent place situated in the heart of Europe. Bordering along with France, Germany, Austria and Italy, Switzerland not only adds up to its rich cultural diversity but also makes it famous for its breathtaking views. Right from the beautiful snow covered Alps to modern cities like Zurich; a trip to Switzerland is once in a lifetime experience.

Here Are The Top Things To Do In Switzerland:

Best things to do in Switzerland

Best things to do in Switzerland

Mount Titlis

In Switzerland for the snow? You will get plenty of it. At more than 10,000 feet Mount Titlis is covered with snow all the year round. Experience this breathtaking journey from Engelberg on the world’s first rotating cable car. And it’s not just about the fun of being at the mountain that offers various snow sports activities, shops and restaurants but the joy of watching the green pastures, hearing the sound of the cow bells and taking in the fresh mountain air on your way up in the cable car.

Multilingual: 4 National Languages of Switzerland

Italian, German, French and Romansh are the four National languages of Switzerland. Among these 65% of people speak German in North-western, Eastern; central and most of Swiss plateau as well as Alps of Switzerland. Canton of Geneva, Vaud, Bern, Jura and Valais speak French and are called Romands. Italian speaking parts are Cantons of Ticino, Gondo valley in Valais and southern parts of Graubunden. Romansh is the official language of trilingual canton of Graubunden with communities of Surselva, Oberhalbsteinvalley and Lower Engadin.

Swiss festivals

Grindelwald Snow festival, International Balloon Festival in Chateau-d’oex, Basel Fasnacht, Wite turf in St.Moritz, Interlaken Classic music festival and Ascona music festival are some of the famous Swiss Festivals which are celebrated every month in Switzerland. Music festivals are the major attractions because they range from classical to rock and pop. Open air concerts attract fans from all over the world. Every season brings with it a new celebration in Switzerland.

Jungfrau-Aletsch Protected Area

Virtually untouched except for trails and some Picturesque mountains huts, the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch is the largest deeply glaciated area in the western Eurasia. Located between the cantons of Berne and Valais, the site constitutes a vast frozen mountainous land covering 35,000 hectares, with the longest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch, stretching for 23 kilometers. A visit here is a magnificent journey into the stunning world of ice and rocks, rugged sky-cutting summits and alpine wildlife. Not surprisingly, the Jungfrau-Alatsch area has long been a popular tourist destination luring with awesome skiing and trekking opportunities, breathtaking views and local delicacies.

Swiss Beauties: Swiss Watches

The Sophisticated Swiss Watches will add a charm to your personality and status. The awesome style and top notch quality of these watches will hold your attention in second. The watch making capital: Switzerland is also known to us because of the excellent quality of these watches. Watch making industry began in 16th century with world class fabulous and ultimate quality watches. The infamous bands of Swiss watches have renowned names such as, TAG heuer, Roles, Rado, Omega, Bell & Ross, Tissot and many more. These elegant watches are water and shock proof, have unmatched technology and are reliable.

Enjoy The Biggest Waterfall – Rhine Falls

From the mountain top ready to take a dip in the water fall? Then Rhine Falls is the place to be. Get to the biggest waterfall of Europe, Rhine Falls through a boat ride that covers beautiful river side surrounded by magnificent castles. The viewing platform on the falls will make you feel you are standing right above the falls. And if this is not enough the children’s playground and the museum makes the visit even more fun.

Most popular city in the world-Zurich

Most popular city in the world-Zurich

Lake Lugano

Located in the Italian-speaking part of southern Switzerland, the town of Lugano attracts visitors with Italian vibe, palm trees, scenic boulevards and stunning vistas of the backdrop Alps and Lake Lugano. With the surrounding villages and towering hill tops, the lake is a perfect holiday destination making any stay laidback, relaxing and activity packed. Somewhat elongated, with 36 kilometers in length and not more than 2 in width, the Lugano Lake is the only one that has a bridge over it. If you’re into a bit of hiking (the lazy ones can take the funicular) opt for Monte San Salvatore for the best of picture ready views of the lake.

Most popular city in the world-Zurich

The most desirable city of the world lies in North central part of Switzerland. This city was founded by Romans and has become leading financial epicenter of the world. The quality of living there is grandeur as the city is well known for its cuisine, luxurious shopping and lodging. Zurich, the wealthiest country in the world, has various parks, churches and scenic beauty which you can’t miss. Be sure to visit Zurich in your Switzerland trip.

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